The Obtainment & Use of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)

  1. I. The Company shall ask for the following information when a user makes a dispatch request.
    • - App identification information
    • - Full name in kana
    • - Telephone number
    App identification information is identification information created at the time the app is installed. This refers to an OS-unique ID, International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI), and International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), and is not information that could identify a user or a smartphone such as a MAC address.
  2. II. The company shall only ask for personal information that is necessary for the Company's service.
  3. III. Obtained personal information may be used for the betterment of the Company's service.
  4. IV. Our association reserves the right to use data capable of identifying individuals (e.g., phone numbers) in order to refuse the use of service to individuals who violate the Terms of Use or use the service for illegal or inappropriate purposes.
  5. V. The company shall not lend or sell personal information. Personal information pertaining to the user shall be stored under the category of order data. It shall not be handled as user data for any other purposes.
  6. VI. The Service receives a subsidy from the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy's 2013 "Subsidy Program for Projects Promoting Energy Efficient Logistics" and operates accordingly. As part of this government program, energy efficiency resulting from the shared dispatch of taxis and business efficiency is assessed. In order to assess these, the Company uses taxi movement information and customers' order information (order number, order date and time, and pick-up point information). However, personal information (full name in kana and telephone number) is not used for said assessment purposes. The Company only discloses assessment results in the form of compiled and statistically processed data to the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy.
  7. VII. The company may in the following situations give a third party personal information.
    • a. If a business partner undertaking a dispatch request from the Company needs to contact the customer.
    • b. If the user has given consent to the provision of information.
    • c. In the result of a court judgment or order, or if an official inquiry is made in accordance with the Law by an official body such as the police.
    • d. If deemed in order to safeguard the rights, assets, service etc of the Company or a third party in the event that the user violates the Law or Terms of Use agreement, and if obtaining the user's consent is difficult.
    • e. In the event that urgency is required as the result of imminent danger to the life, physical well-being, assets etc of a person, and if obtaining the user's consent is difficult.