Use case for sightTourist destinations inconvenient and or away from the surprisingly station. Let us take advantage of the taxi dispatch app in Tokyo tourism.

case1 Dispatch a taxi to a hotel

Dispatching a taxi to your hotel accommodations—this is an application which is should be used more. If taxis are not waiting in front of the hotel, you can conveniently use the app to dispatch the nearest taxi.

case2Dispatch a taxi to a tourist destination

The way there is fine, but you may be tired when you are returning. The taxi dispatch app is perfect for such a circumstance. If you use the app to call a taxi a little before leaving the tourist destination, the taxi will conveniently be there to take you directly back to your hotel.

case3Dispatch a taxi on your way home from shopping.

If you buy a lot of stuff, you will have a hard time carrying all of it. The taxi dispatch app is convenient for just such an occasion. Dispatch it from the shop, and once you pack in all of your shopping, you can go straight to your hotel.