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TAKKUN Terms of Use

TAKKUN (hereafter referred to as ""the Service"") is an app and service offered by Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association (hereafter referred to as ""the Company""). It is a taxi dispatch platform service that receives dispatch orders from users, sends dispatch requests to member taxi groups, and returns those results to users.

Regarding the handling of personal information by the Service, please refer to the Privacy Policy.

  1. 1.Use of the Service

    • 1.The user shall only register accurate information and agrees not to make false taxi dispatch requests.
    • 2.The user is subject to the pick-up fee and fare system stipulated by a taxi group, and as the taxi fare, shall make payment of these to the taxi company.
    • 3.The Service is able to dispatch taxis in Tokyo's 23 wards, Musashino City, Mitaka City, Kita-Tama area and Minami-Tama area.
    • 4.Users are responsible for communication fees incurred through the use of the Service.
  2. 2.Disclaimer

    • 5.The Service may make changes, additions to its content and may suspend or terminate the service offered without prior warning. The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred by the customer that may arise as a result.
    • 6.The Company is in no way responsible for such matters as communications interruptions and taxi delays.
    • 7.The company is not responsible for any damage or loss attributable to the user in such cases as not being able to get a taxi due to mistakes made in requesting its dispatch.
    • 8.Should damage or loss arise to a third party or to the Company through the users use of the Service, the user shall fully resolve such conflict at their own expense and responsibility.
    • 9The Service does not guarantee a complete supply of vehicles, and depending on such things as weather and traffic conditions, may not be able to supply a vehicle.
    • 10.Should a user cancel a taxi after dispatch is fixed, the user shall pay such things as a pick-up fee ("hereafter referred to as the Cancellation Fee") to the taxi company.
    • 11.Should a user, of their own decision, not take a taxi after dispatch is fixed, the user shall pay the Cancellation Fee to the taxi company the next time they take a taxi.
    • 12.Should it be deemed that over a short period of time, a user has made numerous cancellations after dispatch is fixed, future dispatch requests from that user may be denied.
    • 13.The Company manages personal information as stipulated in "The Obtainment & Use of Personal Information (Privacy Policy)".
  3. 3.Copyright

    • 14.Copyright for the Service's data and all other rights belong to the Company.
  4. 4.Revisions to the Terms of Use

    • 15.The Company may make revisions to the Terms of Use and its privacy policy. Before doing so, the Company shall provide details of intended revisions on their homepage.
  5. 5.Service-related Inquiries & Others