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  • 東京交通

Always around you!!Taxi app for Tokyo!

Tokyo's largest common taxi dispatch system.
We will immediately dispatch the nearest taxi from about 9,300 cars in total.

※ The dispatch taxis of NIHON KOTSU was finished on May 31.

The definitive dedicated taxi app for Tokyo!

"TAKKUN"is the official app of the Tokyo taxi association. Beyond the framework of single taxi groups, you will be able to dispatch the closest taxi available from taxis running all around Tokyo.
※ Available in 23 Wards of Tokyo, Musashino-city, Mitaka-city, Tama area.

A simple 3-step operation!

Specify the location where you want to call a taxi from the map. You can call a taxi by simply entering the required order information.

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This is the official character of the
Tokyo Higher taxi association.
Please try a new way to call a taxi in this app.